I like to consider myself a movie buff. I'm somewhere on the scale between avid fan and historian. I don't know everything about movies and I don't claim to. I try to watch the essentials, but even that list is rapidly expanding. I doubt I'll watch all 100 of AFI's Greatest Films of All Time (I've watched 36), but I love movies. While I believe that taste is subjective, I think you absolutely need to see something to have an opinion of it. Fair enough, right? One thing I've had since COVID-19 forced people to stay at home is more time to watch movies that I own. So, I figured I would share my passion with you. Some omissions from this list will be because I don't own them. Have you seen how hard it is to get The Godfather trilogy on Blu-Ray? They don't even have it on 4K yet and all Blu-Ray sets are pretty lackluster. With this list below, please understand that I am not expecting you to love each and every entry here. But I personally think these movie series are "essential viewing" and that you are more than welcome to dislike them. If you didn't find a series that you love on this list, I hope that you'll share it with me! Feel to reach out on our app or email me!

Get the popcorn ready and dim the lights; it's showtime!

11 Movie Series You NEED to Watch

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