I love movies. I love watching them, I love reading about how they're made, I love talking about movies with friends, family, and confused strangers. I don't trust anyone that doesn't like movies. I love it whenever I'm watching a movie and I can just tell that scene is a Washington location. What can I say, I just love this state. I've made a list of movies that used Washington for a location for filming. There will be some exclusions to this list. While I love Hello, My Name is Frank (shot in Tri-Cities), it's not very high profile. I'm also not including Twilight, just because. I will also not be including First Blood, as it's set in Washington but not filmed there.

Check out this list so you can interrupt movie night with your new fun facts whenever you watch one of these flicks. (Trust me, everyone loves it.)

11 Great Movies That Were Shot in Washington

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