Martial arts has become extremely popular. It is also an amazing way to get fit, especially for the upcoming summer. Want to become the next Bruce Lee or just get healthier? You can join a studio near you and get your kick on! Here are some of the best martial arts studios around the Tri-Cities:

1) Caraway's Taekwon-DO Old School

2) Tri-Cities Black Belt Academy

3) Mendoza's Tae-Kwon-DO Karate

4) Old Warrior Horse Kung-Fu Academy

5) Takata Tae-Kwon DO

6) Columbia Judo Dojo

7) Choice Martial Arts

8) Tri-City Judo

9) Tri-Cities School Of Karate

10) Pacific Kicks

11) Tri-Cities Shotokan Karate

12) Richland Dojo

13) Tri-Cities Kokondo Martial Art

14) Columbia River Karate

15) Krav Maga Tri-Cities