When the Seattle Seahawks 2018 regular season schedule was released, a few things jumped out:

  • Only 2 home games before November.
  • Season opens in Denver 9/9.
  • Seattle will have played the Rams twice by the end of Week 10.
  • Only 2 dreaded 10:00 a.m. kicks (10/28 @ Detroit and 11/25 @ Carolina) but...
  • Raiders game in London is 6:00 p.m. local time, 10:00 a.m. West Coast.
  • And Lions 10:00 a.m. game follows the London game and a bye week - doable.
  • First home game is Week 3 against the Cowboys.
  • Richard Sherman comes back to Seattle under the SNF & SF logos 12/2.
  • And then Seattle goes to SF to play the Niners two weeks later 12/16.
  • Prime Time tilts besides the Niners: MNF @ Vikings 12/10; SNF @ KC 12/23 and
  • TNF in Seattle 11/15 v GB Packers. Jimmy Graham has Aaron Rodgers now.
  • NFL reserves the right to flex games as they see fit starting as early as Week 6.
Seahawks 2018
Seahawks 2018

Don't you think Dez Bryant would look great sporting 88 now that Graham is gone?

I know the New York press is making a big deal out of Dez and OBJ working out together, and the G-men have salary cap space after cutting Brandon Marshall, but I'd like to think it's possible....

Draft breakdown fun to come...

Go Hawks!!

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