Turns out the Seattle Seahawks DK Metcalf is now being targeted by teams to get easy penalties against him.

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Report Says 49er Coach Offered Gift for Player Instigating Metcalf Penalties

A report released by the San Fransisco Chronicle says that before the Seahawks played the San Fransisco 49ers this Sunday, the coach made an offer to any 49ers player that managed to get under DK Metcalf's skin and make him be called for a penalty. Seattle's star receiver has been known all season to suddenly have emotional outbursts that draw penalties and hurt his team. These outbursts have been happening in almost every game, and now teams are starting to notice and target Metcalf to try and get him to react.


The Play That Earned the NFL Coach's Gift

The winner of Kyle Shannahan's "gift" offer is linebacker Fred Warner after an altercation he had caused DK to get penalized and ejected. Warner had just intercepted a 4th quarter pass intended for DK Metcalf when DK tackled Warner and slammed him into the ground. After getting up, Warner then struck DK on the back of the head and bent his body into the ground, causing Metcalf to freak, jump up, and grab Warner's facemask. During the confrontation, another 49ers player, Lenoir, got into the mix and pushed Metcalf causing both Metcalf and Lenoir to be kicked out of the game. After Warner got up from driving Metcalf's head into the ground, he spread his arms with a big smile on his face when he saw DK coming in to grab his helmet. Now we know he was calling him in to claim that present from the coach. The one question I have about this story myself is if the offer from the coach could be considered a bounty. Anyone who has been a fan of the NFL for a while I am sure remembers "Bounty Gate" from the Saints causing huge repercussions for both the franchise and their coach. The ball is in your court now NFL.

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