Seahawks fans, check out this cool story in "Sports Illustrated" from a San Francisco fan about US. It's about the 12th Man. It's really well written and pretty true to life. It goes along with a lot of the experiences I've had going to the stadium. At first I thought he'd be unfair coming from a San Francisco fan, but he did a good job. It came out Nov. 6.

Oft-claimed fact: Seattle's fans are the best in the NFL. We know this because the Seahawks tell us so. No other franchise spends as much time glorifying its supporters."

I always hear bad stories about Seattle fans in the stadium and have even had bad encounters myself. But most of the fans are pretty friendly and true football fans. And I think he gets that right in the story.

About a month ago I got the phone call from Sports - Illustrated's NFL editor, Adam Duerson. 'Can you go to Seattle? I need a 12th Man story' Me: I'd rather not. I hate the Seahawks."

It seems like in the article he kept trying to have a bad experience. He kept going to bars across from the stadium and talked to multiple fans all across the area... and seemed to have a genuinely good time.

But it's just as much about how the Seahawks play. They're punishing. Predatory. Seemingly blue-collar, just like their fans. Big plays are celebrated, and smack is talked."