Today is National Dessert Day and Tri-Citians have five amazing deals locally to check out!

Thanks to our friends at Retail Me Not, they've compiled a list of great free dessert giveaways that you can enjoy.

Here are five free giveaways that you can enjoy right here in the Tri-Cities today:

Baskin Robbins: Enjoy a free regular scoop of ice cream when you download the app.

Dairy Queen: Free small Blizzard treat when you download their app.

Krispy Kreme: Enjoy a free doughnut when you sign up for their rewards program.

Olive Garden: Sign up for Olive Garden emails to get a free dessert or appetizer.

You can check out more goodies and desserts on Retail Me Not's website here and if you get a chance today, take advantage of these great deals.

There are a lot more deals listed on their website so it's worth checking out today on National Dessert Day

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