Lake Roosevelt is a beautiful lake located near the Coulee Dam. It’s a great location for family vacations. Lake Roosevelt has awesome fishing, great area for water skiing and tubing, and a wide variety of cliff sizes for cliff diving if one is feeling adventurous. Lake Roosevelt, is by far, my favorite place in Southeast Washington to go camping.


2)      Central Ferry

Central Ferry State Park is a great location for people who love to fish. It is located on the Snake River and Lake Bryan. While the campsite is not one of my favorites, I seem to always go back due to all the fish that I happen to hook.


3)      Charbonneau

Charbonneau Park is a park that I have gone camping at numerous times growing up. It is located on the Snake River only 12 miles Southeast of Pasco. It is a laid back place to bring the family to for a good time. The place includes waste dumps, as well as, electricity.


4)      Fishhook Park

Fishhook Park is another campground that I have frequented. It is located on the Snake River and offers an awesome campsite with many trees to help stay cool in the hot sun. The site is also located near many “beaches” on the Snake River which are great for lounging around on and enjoying the nice river.


5)      Tucannon Park

Tucannon Park is located near the Tucannon River and Snake River outside of Dayton, WA. It offers large campsites and has great fishing. There is even a golf course nearby for anyone who desires to hit the green.

Snake River


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