It’s been a fast climb for Halestorm that just culminated with the band being named as one of the headliners for the latest edition of the Carnival of Madness Tour. It was just two years ago that the band were the opening act for the inaugural run.

But things like this keep singer Lzzy Hale realizing how much things have changed in a short amount of time. Recently Halestorm became the first ever female-fronted act to hit No. 1 on the Active Rock chart with their single ‘Love Bites (And So Do I).’ Hale told Rock Confidential, “It’s unbelievable. People started calling me to tell me that we were the first and I was like, ‘C’mon, there had to be another one out there!’ It’s very cool. It’s humbling, you know?” Lzzy says that she’s happy to be a “record holder,” and adds, “I started this band when I was 13. To get to this point and have all these things happen in such a short period of time is really blowing my mind at the moment.”

While she may be young in terms of age, she’s had a chance to grow as a performer as part of her matriculation from being a teen rocker. She says, “It’s still just as exciting every night. I still get this tingly feeling in my hands. I don’t attest that to adrenaline. It’s part of what I love about playing live. I’ve got that since I was a kid. I might be less shy now, but the feeling is still there. The love is still there. The love of the chase is still there.”

Hale says it’s the passion, not only her own, but also that of her bandmates, that has gotten them to headlining status. And she feels it’s the openness and camaraderie that she and her cohorts have made with the audiences that has drawn band loyalty in just a short amount of time.

Catch Halestorm this summer headlining ‘The Carnival of Madness’ tour and supporting their latest album, ‘The Strange Case of …,’ which dropped in April.