There are a ton of events this weekend for the 2016 Hapo Water Follies and Air Show. If you are not careful, you could miss some of the coolest things this weekend, so I made a short list for you. If you have never gone before or just watched from a distance, you might want to read a blog I did the other day about things you need to bring to Boat Races.

  • 1

    Driver and Pilot Autograph Session

    They are offering autographs from all the pilots and drivers for the airshow on Saturday. It will be located at the main stage at noon and 3pm.

  • 2

    Vintage Hydroplane Races

    I love the vintage boats because they are so loud. You can see the vintage original hydroplane boats race everyday around 3pm. Friday the vintage race is closer to 3:55, but both Sat and Sun the races start close to 3pm.

  • 3

    Unlimited Dash for Cash

    On Friday at 5pm, the last event of the free day is the unlimited hydroplane Dash for Cash. It is one race for a bunch of cash and the drivers always make it exciting!

  • 4

    Over the River Air Show

    The air show will be going almost all weekend between the races during the day but the main show is scheduled for 11:30 am all three days.

  • 5

    Unlimited Hydroplane Finals

    This is the finale to the whole weekend in one race. The winner is almost impossible to predict and it is always exciting to watch. The final race happens at the end of the day on Sunday close to 4pm, however it starts late every year.