Boat Race weekend is upon us, and this will be my 12th year in a row experiencing the madness. If you are a newbie and are not sure what the "boat race madness" is all about, I have a simple list of things that you must bring to survive the weekend.

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    I know it sounds like common sense but a ton of people forget this every year. You can tell by all the lobsters walking around by Sunday. Apply generously and often or you will regret it on Monday.

  • 2

    Comfy Lawn Chair

    There is a lot of down time where nothing is going on. You can swim in the river and socialize with friends and family, but you will appreciate having a good place to sit down before the weekend is over. Good luck finding a spot if you don't bring it.

  • 3

    Lots of Water

    People always remember the beer but forget to bring lots of water. You will be out in 100 degree heat for two whole days, you will need a lot of water. More then is comfortable to carry honestly. More is much better then not enough in this case. Ice would be smart also.

  • 4

    Friends and Family

    If you don't bring friends or family, you couple days are going to be pretty boring. There is a ton of down time where nothing is going on, except spending time with the people you care about. This is a great time to build tradition and make memories.

  • 5

    Your Patience

    Boat Races can be a stressful experience if you let stupid drunk people ruin your day. Parking attendants will be mean, cops will be testy, and there will be people partying everywhere. Tempers will flair up but relax and try not to let all the crazies affect you.