Summer? Yeah, that's officially gone. And we're headed in to one of the wettest winters we've had in a while. So, what do we do? Stay inside and hide from the world? Sure, that works, until the cabin fever kicks in. Therefore, here are some cool things to try/do when it's raining to make the dreary weather more enjoyable!


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    Cigars and Rootbeer

    I had a friend who suggested this to me when I lived in California. He suggested getting a jacket, sitting outside (under or not under cover) and smoking a cigar while drinking root beer. I looked at him like he was an alien. But when we hung out one rainy evening sipping our root beer while puffing cigars chatting and listening to the rain, I understood. If you're old enough for cigars, try this. I promise you'll love it!

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    Take a Walk

    I know. You'll get wet. WHO CARES!? It's so nice to get bundled, take a walk in the rain with pretty much no one around. Then, when you get back inside, change in to warm snuggly clothes, and cuddle up on the couch. You'll get your cardio, and be proud that you didn't let the weather defeat you.

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    Photo Op

    While you're out taking a walk, TAKE PHOTOS. Lots of them. The cloud cover changes the way light hits the earth, and there are some gorgeous photo ops that you'll miss just staying in. Plus, you can take those cool raindrop pics, and soggy selfies. Everyone has sunset photos, but not everyone can brave the storm. So get out and take a ton of pics. Your Instagram will thank you!

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    Hot Toddies. Hot Chocolate. Hot Cider.

    This is a no-brainer: you can FINALLY enjoy all those warm fall beverages! Hot chocolate in the summer? Nope. Warm mulled cider in the spring? Nope. Make your favorite recipes, and find some more to try on Pinterest or YouTube. Your tongue and tummy approve this message.

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    Open Up

    Open your windows and let the rain air in. Now, clearly if rain will drop in, or it's 50MPH winds, this won't work. But on days were it's just raining, open a window and let the clean rain scent in. If you pair that with a warm cinnamon spiced beverage and something baking, your home will smell just live heaven. Trust me on this one!

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