It's called the Greater Idaho Movemement, and involves a lot of real estate.

The Greater Idaho Movement has come about a few years ago, because of issues over political and societal representation, values, and ideals.  Supporters of the movement are trying to allow a number of Oregon, and even northern CA and eastern WA counties to join Idaho.

Their website says the Idaho-Oregon border was last adjusted 161 years ago, and no longer represents the cultural divide in that state.

This coming May, five counties have been granted ballot measures to decide if they wish to join the Gem State. These include Grant, Malhuer, Sherman, Baker and Lake Counties. 

If citizens in these counties approve the measure, it still has to be approved by the Idaho and OR legislatures; and Congress. But the Greater Idaho Movement doesn't just involve them. A total of 17 counties have had interest expressed in moving, and five northern CA counties; plus Columbia, Garfield and Asotin Counties in WA.

Depending upon the interest in these three WA counties, that could impact the Liberty State Movement in WA. This legislative session, 4 GOP House Reps are supporting legislation that would split our state down the spine of the Cascades, and create a 51st. State of Liberty. That too would have to pass the WA State legislature, and Congress.

It's interesting to note that on January 5th, Facebook permanently disabled the Change Oregon's Border page, affecting some 12,000 members.

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