I saw the video of the man pretending to be an Army Ranger on Black Friday and it made me so sad! Then I found out there are SO MANY videos like that there are entire Youtube channels dedicated to them!

Below are five that left me utterly speechless -- mostly for their shamelessness. If I was pretending to be a veteran to get a discount or pick up women, I'd immediately backed down when confronted by a real vet. NOT THESE GUYS! Watch how long they keep up the act:

  • 1

    Fake 3-Campaign Army Ranger

    Even though this guy answers the questions really well, the reason it was so obvious to the vet the man was faking was the 3 "CIBs." To earn 3 you would have had to be in World War 2, Korea and Vietnam. There is NO other way to have earned three.

  • 2

    Little kid pretends to be a vet

    As you can tell from the sloppy uniform, the boy doesn't know how to wear it. He claims to be 21 and a non-commissioned officer who served for 5 years.

  • 3

    Drunk guy won't give up the act

    Unlike the others, Estefan doesn't even pretend. He can't answer a single question and when he offers to show proof on his phone he never actually leaves the screen saver. He keeps pretending like he can't hear even though that may be the quietest bar in the Western Hemisphere.

  • 4

    Fake Sgt. Major goes to church

    The dead giveaway is wearing the ribbons for his medals.

  • 5

    Game Stop employee digs himself all the way to China

    This guy just might be the worst liar in the history of lying.