If you are into ghosts there are plenty of great places to visit. Here are 7 great haunted locations that are close to the Tri Cities you can go and get your scare on.

  • 1

    St. Matthew's Episcopal Church - Prosser

    This Church located in Prosser has been featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters. Witnesses report seeing a young boy, smells of burning wood, and appearing footprints.

    Paul Brennan
  • 2

    Arts Center - Pendleton

    Supposedly the Arts Center is haunted by the ghost of a librarian that died there. She has been known to more objects and stare at people from windows.

    Shannon Keegan
  • 3

    Capitol Theatre - Yakima

    People say this Theater is haunted by a friendly ghost who makes themselves known during clean up late at night. They say he is friendly by very mischievous.

  • 4

    Candy Cane Park - La Grande

    This park is said to be haunted by a woman who was killed there. The stories say she used to haunt a merry go round by making it spin uncontrollably fast. That was later removed and now they say she haunts the park benches.

  • 5

    Hot Lake Hotel - La Grande

    This place is just plain scary. It is a hotel that used to be an insane asylum and a resort. The building is said to be haunted by multiple ghost of people who killed them selves in the asylum. In 2003 it was renevated and now you can stay there.

  • 6

    Bridge Creek Flora Inn - Fossil

    This building is supposedly tied to a couple who killed themselves because they could not be together. The story goes that a young woman was upset she could not marry her rich farmer lover, so she jumped off the third story. Then the farmer hung himself from a tree out front of the building. People see a hanging man at night and hear horse sounds.

  • 7

    The Baby Graves - Kennewick

    Located in the hills out side of Kennewick, The Baby Graves is a graveyard that has nothing but babies buried there. They say late at night you can hear the sounds of babies crying. Locals say it is a private family cemetery and should not be bothered.