The public is invited to honor the memory of 911 with a day of remembrance, taking place at the 911 memorial near the Southridge Sports Complex and the new Trios Hospital.

Thursday, September 11th,  starting at 6:30am, there will be a series of presentations and events to honor those who died in the terrorist attacks in 2001.

Beginning with a sunrise flag raising, the events will be as follows (courtesy of the City of Kennewick):

Changing of the guard ceremonies each half hour throughout the day
- Moment of silence ceremonies to be held at the times of each Airliner crash
o 846am Crash of flight 11 into Tower 1
o 903am Crash of flight 175 into Tower 2
o 937am Crash of flight 77 into Pentagon
o 1003am Crash of flight 93 Pennsylvania into field
- Large Police, Fire, Emergency services and military vehicle display starting at 4:00pm
- Evening ceremony begins at 6:45pm and includes:
o Posting of the colors
o National Anthem by Sandi Strawn
o Key note speaker Senator Sharon Brown

A wide variety of participants and sponsors are helping to make this even a reality, including:

Southridge Sports Complex, Three Rivers Convention Center, Blue Dog RV, Waste Management, Support Advocacy & Resource Center (SARC) , The Rock Wood Fried Pizza & Spirits, Olive Garden, Americorps, Boy and Girls Club, Kamiakin High School LINX, United States Naval Sea Cadets Corp, Tri-Tech Fire, The Red Cross, Med Star, The Young Marines, Kennewick Police CHIPS, Richland Police VIPS and Desert Thistle Pipe Band.

The 911 Memorial is next to the Southridge Sports Complex, just off Highway 395 in Kennewick.  Come join us as we honor and remember.