97 Rock and Jack-Sons in Kennewick are giving away more than just key chains and beer koozies. We're giving away MONEY and Anthony Martin(pictured below) is walking proof. Monday Oct. 1st Mr. Martin was the lucky winner of $400 with our free progressive board. Each week we try and give away $100 but it's really up to both of the teams playing to decide if we're gonna give it away or not. The first 100 fans 18 and over that join us at Jack-Sons are eligible to win and if we don't have a winner the $100 rolls over to the next week. 4th week in and we've got a winner and he's happy he showed up.

Check out the slideshow below from our Monday Night Football party each and every Monday. Make sure to join us next week for your next shot at the progressive jackpot!

Also congrats to Warren Knight who is the first fan to ever have both $.97 whistles. You could be the next to have a $.97 whistle that will score you a $.97 Bud or Bud Light bottle every time your team scores.


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