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I’m Coming Back to Rock!
You may (or may not have) noticed my (Iceman/Pete) absence from 97 Rock since welcoming Full Metal Jackie and Loudwire Nights to the Fold.
But, now I am back. From 10-3 every week day, I will be getting you ready for the thrill ride that is Curt Cartier.
How to Win With 97 Rock
You've probably heard us talking on the air about signing up for the 97 Rock Nation, and how it can win you prizes. Even if you've already signed up, this walkthrough can help you earn more points to win prizes with 97 Rock.
First, you'll want to sign up. I'v...
2 Superb@#! Parties
97 Rock and Jack-Sons in Richland and Kennwewick are throwing 2 of the biggest parties to celebrate the end of the football season. Sunday February 3rd join The Big 9-7 for Super Sunday at either Jack-Sons locations. Kick-off is around 3:30p but get there early to get the best seats or reserve your …
Chanda – 97 Rock Hottie
Yep she's real, she's hot and she's rockin the latest 97 Rock t-shirt. Let me introduce you to local 97 Rock hottie Chanda and she sure does rock the 'Attack of the Rock' shirt well doesn't she?
97 Rock Shirts are Here
Big thanks to Atomic Screen Printing and Embroidery in Kennewick because we have our official 'Attack of the Rock' t-shirts in and they will be available Saturday.
Top 3 Requested Artists on 97 Rock’s Listen Live
Our Listen Live pop up feature allows  you to hear 97 rock online. There is a button you can click to request a song. So far this summer, here are your top 3 most requested artists:
Sick Puppies
My Darkest Days
Here's the list of what's playing on 97 Rock right this second if you&apo…

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