They were apart of the 2010 Carnival of Madness tour, but weren't able to make it to the Tri Cities show due to previous arrangements...they wanted to and are making that right.

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is an alternative rock band from Grayslake, IL. They formed in 1994 with the members of Sam Loeffler, Pete Loeffler (brothers) and Matt Scott. Matt was later replaced in 1996 by Joe Loeffler as bass player. On July 10, 2005 Joe was fired because of “irreconcilable differences”. Geno Lenardo (Filter) filled in until August 2005, when Dean Bernardini (brother-in-law to the Loefflers) became the new bass player of Chevelle.

Inspired by the lurching riffs of Helmet and the soft/loud vocal styling of Tool, Chicago-based trio Chevelle’s aggressive, heavy sound is all about mounting tension exploding into raw guitar bursts. They started out playing parties and outdoor events, which quickly led to bookings at Chicago clubs when youngest member Joe was just 16.

In an April 2010 interview, drummer Sam mentioned that Pete is currently writing new material for a new album due for a possible fall 2011 release. Chevelle is currently back in the studio working on the new album. According to Pete Loeffler’s Twitter account, the band has completed six songs as of April 2011. Chevelle drummer Sam Loeffler mentioned the album could feature a duet with a female artist, and also mentioned that the album could either be fully acoustic or a return to the hard rock style Chevelle had on Wonder What’s Next, however Sam Loeffler had mentioned it would be “definitely returning to heavy melodic rock, which is the sound we love.”[citation needed] As of May 2011, Chevelle is finished writing songs for the new album and is in Pasadena, CA at JHOC Studios to work with Joe Barresi as the album’s producer.[citation needed]. As of June 15, 2011, Pete Loeffler has confirmed the rumors of a female duet (in a Facebook video), by bringing in his sister Natalie, who is also bassist Dean Bernardini’s wife. Pete is also expecting to have a single for the new album in August.

Current Members:
* Pete Loeffler: vocals, guitars (1995–present)
* Sam Loeffler: drums (1995–present)
* Dean Bernardini: bass, live backing vocals (2005–present)