This Sunday the Toyota Arena in Kennewick gets the heaviest show it's ever had with Lamb of God stopping by and their bringing their friends from Decapitated and Ancients. Stop by the Toyota Center in Kennewick and grab your stubs today for this insane show this Sunday.




Congratulations to the following members of the Rock Nation who picked up a pair of tickets for FREE.

Nanette McGuire
Sara Conner
Jackie Farnham
John Thomspon
Josh Dunstan
Stacie Phillips
Merissa Cooper
Lonnie Smith
Shelby Caprai
Kaylene Sheets

Enjoy the show everyone and make sure if you didn't win to listen all week long to win tickets on-air. When we tell you to call be the 9th caller to 544-9797 to win your pair of stubs to the show.