When someone makes a status update on Facebook about a friend/family/pet passing or just posts about a bad day, it never feels appropriate to click or press the "like" button. Even though you are not actually "liking" your friend's life problem, it seems like a weird way of lending a hand or showing some compassion.

To combat it's users from "liking" their friend's misfortunes, Facebook is looking to add a new option allowing users to 'sympathize' with their online amigos.

A new feature on the social media platform allows users update their status with an emotion. You can choose from a fixed selection of feelings to accompany your update. According to the Huffington Post, when an emotion like "sad" or "depressed" is selected from Facebook's fixed list of feelings, the "like" button would be relabeled "sympathize."

So it's not really a new option, but instead Facebook will adjust itself to reflect how you are actually reacting to negative emotion status updates. This is just a possible idea sparked up at a 'hackathon' and Facebook has no immediate plans to begin rolling this feature out to their users.

The idea is kind of cool, but I think I would rather have a "thumbs down" or "dislike" option or better yet a "high five" button.

When you see a friend having a bad day or a rough life moment, instead of clicking "like" or "sympathize", why not pick up your phone and make a call. Go see them and have a face to face interaction with your friend. I think people forget sometimes that the cell phone in their pocket does more than just text and keep you company on the toilet.