Mabton Junior-Senior High is back open Thursday, and a teenage student has been expelled following a social media threat.

   Student posted serious threat on Instagram

Mabton Police officials said they began to get word of some threats being posted on a certain Instagram account, but then they apparently escalated.  The account, according to Police, had the username 'mhss.ecrets.'   It's an account reportedly known to Police.


Mbaton Jr Sr High (KNDU)
Mbaton Jr Sr High (KNDU)

However, it was more difficult to locate the suspect because the threats were online.

Because the threats became more violent and frequent throughout the day, students were pulled from the school Tuesday, then the Mabton Junior-Senior High was closed Wednesday.

 Threats are not rare, but school closures over them are

According to sources, Police are aware of numerous threats people make online, many of which are fairly benign. But this situation became alarming very fast because it contained specific threats against specific locations---which Police say often indicates the suspect has a plan.

Police used much of Wednesday to work with the social media platform and other sources to locate the teen who posted the threats. They have been expelled from the Mabton School District, although we don't specifically know what charges they will be facing.

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Students were back at the school on Thursday, April 28th.  The investigation continues.

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