A unique garden rental in Boise which has received glowing reviews offers guests a relaxing, cozy, old-world experience. Yurt stays are becoming more and more popular on sites like Airbnb.

Located less than a two-hour drive from Twin Falls, this 36th Street Urban Yurt is an eye-catcher. At just $68 a night, the rental has room for six, and an outdoor garden area that offers a relaxing atmosphere. The yurt, with its wooden floor and venting skylight, is close enough to area restaurants so occupants could dine out before returning to light a warm fire before settling in for the night.

A detached bathroom with clawfoot tub and shower is located less than 50 feet from the yurt. Also located just a short distance from the main space is an outdoor fireplace, lounge area and circular picnic table. Other amenities include Wi-Fi, a futon, infant PacknPlay (if requested), earplugs, electricity, microwave, ironing board and hair dryer.

The yurt has a queen-sized bed, and is within a short distance to the city of Boise. There is a home located on the property that does currently have tenants, but privacy is desired. Contact Beth, the host, for additional information.

The thing I really like about this rental is its simplicity. It's ideal for people that want to unplug, and are capable of enjoying an evening without a bunch of distractions. If you can't spend an evening without surround sound and social media, then this is not your kind of rental.

At just $68 per night, this Boise yurt is a good bargain, and would best be enjoyed by a couple, in my opinion.

Southwest Idaho Yurt Airbnb

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