Led Zeppelin has been reluctant to release recordings that never made it onto an album. Now that the band is reissuing its entire catalog with bonus tracks, gems like this one are available.

In the decades since Led Zeppelin called it quits, they’ve rarely opened up their vaults to release non-album material. There’s been a live album (2003′s How The West Was Won), a collection of BBC recordings (1997′s BBC Sessions), a compilation of outtakes (1982 s Coda) and the document of their one reunion concert (2012′s Celebration Day).

That’s one of the reasons that the recent announcement that Zep would be reissuing their entire catalog  with bonus tracks was such a big deal. The other: the original tapes were remastered by Jimmy Page himself.

The first three albums — 1969′s Led Zeppelin, 1969′s Led Zeppelin II and 1970′s Led Zeppelin III — will be re-released on June 3. Each will come in several different formats, but the deluxe and super deluxe editions will contain a second disc of extras.

Here is an alternate take of “Whole Lotta Love” off of Led Zeppelin

Original album version: