Charter cable has gone 100% digital! Great news unless you planned on watching television today. Namely the massive basketball tournament that more than half the nation watches across multiple cable channels.

When I got to the 97 Rock Studios this morning, the first thing I did was fire up the TV to catch the rest of the Dayton vs. Ohio State game. Instead of seeing the game, I was greeted with some not so 'great news'. Apparently you need a 'Charter provided set-top box' to watch TV now? What a perfect time to choose to do this, Charter. It couldn't be during sweeps week or the premiere evening of one of those stupid singing shows, but instead the first day of the only sporting event that will be broadcasting dozens of games over the next few days.

You can call and wait for the delivery of your new 'set-top box' (which will cost you $7/TV) or you can use one of these three alternatives and start watching the NCAA tournament NOW.


I realize its 11am on a Thursday which makes it a bit difficult for most of us to go to the bar, but if you can get out of work *cough cough* or you are available to hang out with some friends and watch the games, swing through a local watering hole.


This was going to be my way of watching multiple games. Instead this will be my ONLY way of watching games today and tomorrow.

You can do a couple differnet things: Download the app (incredibly, there is even one for us lowly Windows Phone users) or visit the CBS website. They will have every game streaming via these apps and the website.


Coming in loud and clear with those other television services. No extra equipment needed to be ordered, just the service that you (over) pay for already.

UPDATE: Messages have been sent out for 'a couple weeks' via phone calls, along with details included in the billing, alerting users about the change over. This was the answer I was given over the phone. So if you saw this message on your TV and hadn't already taken action previously to resolve it, it is simply your fault. Pay an additional couple bucks a month per TV and wait for your new set-top boxes and you'll be all set! Sigh.

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