Usually a game of Monopoly ends with "F*** This Game, You're Cheating!" But this one, might end a little differently, maybe even with Grandma getting S***Faced! Thanks to German company Crazy Dice GmbH, you now get to make family game night the blurriest night you probably won't remember. Introducing Drinkopoly! Yes a Monopoly game, but instead of properties to buy... you get different bars & pubs to drink at! Now this is far from the first time where Monopoly has been changed. The game has done many different versions of their timeless classic, including different licensed properties like Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Super Mario Bros., The Simpsons, Avengers, Deadpool, Friends, Batman, Fortnite, Rick & Morty, Rugrats, Bob's Burgers, Toy Story, Breaking Bad (where you get to become your household's very own drug-lord). Versions that actually change the game play include Monopoly versions with electronic banking, billboards, cheating to win, and even a version for millennials, (not sure if you "pass go" or "your parents basement" to collect $200), heck there's even a YAKIMA-MONOPOLY! But now a popular board game that mixes booze and dice rolling better than when you ended up doing shots from a Yahtzee shaker. Or accidentally burned down your garage trying to sink a submarine in a home made version of Battle-Shots!


The game is is designed for up to 6 people, having you each take turns rolling the dice and traveling the board and it's 44 stops at bars, pubs and clubs, and taking a drink depending on the task. Don't worry, it has more to it than just roll the dice & drink. There are also such activities like truth & dare, arm wrestling, tongue twisters, pick-up lines, and yes, even a kissing contest. It's like a pub crawl from your very own living room! You can check the full game out at, or in the video below.