What better way to celebrate 11/11/11 than with #11 of the Seattle Mist — the lovely Angela Rypien. Angela is the quarterback of the Seattle squad and if her name seems familiar it’s because her father was former Washington Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien. Angela is our crush today for not only her looks but for her fantastic arm and for following in the family business. And for also having the same love for Dallas as her old man probably had.

This makes us wonder how many other former NFL players have hot daughters. Most of the guys end up marrying models, former cheerleaders and good looking women from all walks of life. There must be hundreds, if not thousands, of good looking women roaming the Earth with dads that played in the NFL. We bet they are all friends too. They probably meet once a year for a huge slumber party wearing nothing but their dad’s old jersey. We have to find out were this massive meeting goes down. Probably somewhere warm that involves bikinis.

Alright, half of you start sniffing around California and the rest of us will start with Florida. Everyone meet in the middle of the country by July.




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