Meet AnnaLee, a SuicideGirl who loves books, hates television, finds happiness in the history of mathematics and is addicted to expensive chocolate. She might be the only person in the world that could get a guy interested in math.

Name: AnnaLee

Age: 27

Location: I’m lost

Into: Living a good life

Not into: Cars, television, cigarettes, meat, drinking culture, negativity, superficiality and people with no imaginations or desire

Makes me happy: Reading & collecting books, drinking tea, solitude, ornithology and natural history, listening to the radio, baking cakes, my cat, pockets, sleeping, the sea, museums, the history of mathematics, etymology, entomology, marzipan, walking and cycling. Ah life is great!

Makes me sad: When my family is unhappy, wasting time, negativity, physical and mental illness, intolerance, cages, ownership, how little people care about non-human animals, our planet and each other, people not living life as well as they could do, the fact that work, the fact that productivity and consumerism overtake life and I hate the way our society is structured

5 things I can’t live without: A book, a quiet place, fresh air, hot tea and of course music

Vices: Book buying, but that’s probably not too unhealthy. I am also addicted to expensive chocolate, that is ever so slightly unhealthy

I spend most of my free time: In a book


  1. Blade Runner soundtrack
  2. Dead Can Dance
  3. This Mortal Coil
  4. Cocteau Twins
  5. Popol Vuh
  6. Roxy Music
  7. Neurosis
  8. John Fahey
  9. Stars of the Lid
  10. The Devil’s Blood
  11. Fairport Convention
  12. Jefferson Airplane and far too many to list

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