It’s time for that age old question: Who are lazier, men or women? It was the battle of the sexes in the second half of today’s show as Free Beer asked everyone for their thoughts. Of the six people in the studio, five thought that men were lazier than women with only one person (a female intern) on the side of men.

“Men are very good at a single task,” Hot Wings said. But when it came down to who is lazier, he concluded that women “work tremendously hard” and were better at juggling many things at once.

Free Beer then read the results of a global survey published by Lancet, which tried to determine the countries that had the most and least active people. The survey concluded that 34 percent of women in the 122 countries examined are considered “inactive,” as opposed to 28 percent of men. Surprised? Free Beer and Hot Wings were.

The guys took a few calls and after awhile it seemed that most listeners agreed with the survey. So what do you think? Do you agree with the survey or are you with Free Beer and Hot Wings?

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