In recent seasons, we have seen some drastic changes to some football player's facemasks with players like Justin Tuck and Ray Lewis going for a more gladiator approach to their mask.

A company called Bad-Ass Masks posted the picture online early this morning showing off a new mask that they created for the University of Arizona Wildcats football department. The school's "new" mask features the Arizona "A" logo bent, shaped, colored, and placed in the center front of the team's facemask.

Although the new facemask is not an actual part of the team's uniform for next year and is for 'display only', this gnarly football facemask trend that could catch on. With the amount of alternate jerseys and helmets that Oregon and Maryland have had the last few seasons and the new Indiana helmet that was recently unveiled, do you think logos in the team facemask will become reality? Would you want to see your favorite team/school sporting this new look? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

H/T: Bleacher Report