Feeling [really, really, really] late to the 'Keep Calm' t-shirt party?

I've compiled a list of things that have potential to blow up soon, so if you wanna be cool first, check this out.

Also, hipster is a bad word here.

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I'll start this one off by saying I'm a fan of corduroy pants. They seem to be indestructible, I can skate in them. On the inside, they feel softer than baby Jesus' bottom on your leg. They also seem to go with virtually any t-shirt or button-up shirt I wear. They seem classy, not too casual, nor dressy. Honestly, the most comfortable pants ever. Jeans suck ass.

Here's some more, so let's get cool.

  • Tonkatsu sauce. It's the perfect condiment for fried food, but it's seriously under the radar. Siracha is experiencing a big wave of popularity right now, but I think tonkatsu sauce is going to be big in the next few years.
  • "Old-school" tech. Safety razors and fountain pens that are more effective but less convenient than modern counterparts.
  • Heavy, guitar-based rock and roll like we had in the 90s has really fallen out of favor, but it'll come back around someday.
  • Black mirror. A UK TV show which is a twilight zone for our technologically driven age. Compelling stories, recently reviewed on the AV club, and destined to be huge the day it ends up on Netflix.
  • Minimalist living. Going without phones, internet, constant communication. It's going to be seen as the new luxury.
  • Everyone is going to have a copy of Ticket To Ride instead of Monopoly in the future.
  • Rejecting college in favor of experiential learning and self study. Refusing to take standardized tests.
  • Lawn Gardens. No f!!king grass, use whatever land space you have to grow food. Eat it yourself to cut down on grocery bills and get cheap fresh food.
  • Making your own clothes.
  • 3D printing.
  • Not having tattoos.
  • Digital currency.
  • European male fashion will be back (in the US) in less than three years. All these hipsters appropriating stereotypical 'masculine' affects like beards, flannel, denim, and a do-it-yourself mentality are paving the way for a regression to the Euro-centric style typical of economic upswings. As the US economy turns around, the desired look here will go from self-sufficiency as masculinity to luxury and leisure as masculinity.

How hipsterific. Shoot me now.



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