Are you a lumberjack, homeless guy or hipster looking to make a few extra bucks? Well, now you can by selling advertising space in your beard.

Ad agency Cornett-IMS has unveiled the “beardvertising” campaign to help boost product visibility by advertising in the facial hair of American men. According to a company spokesperson the “half-joke, half-genius” idea involves paying men with beards $5 a day to become a walking “beardboards” with a mini ad clipped to their facial hair.

The first client is A&W Root Beer and the campaign is currently rolling out in Kentucky. The company explains they're not limiting their options to one state and will expand their business “anywhere there were epic beards willing to host these little ‘beardboards.’”

Advertising with strategically placed stickers or tattoos on body parts is nothing new but if we’ve learned nothing from the multi-million dollar 'Duck Dynasty' industry, it’s that beards sell.

These ad guys may just be on to the next big thing in the “ads you can’t fast-forward through on the DVR.”

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