Tired of the same ol' beer pong game at your house party? Spice things up a bit with an alternate and highly offensive version of the college crazed drinking game called Jews vs. The Nazis.


You can see the layout of the game with the instructions below and I honestly think it actually sounds like a bit of fun...considering it is making light of one of the most horrifying and terrible occurrences in world history. Plus even if it played out true to history, neither team would really be a winner, right?! Whatever. GAME ON.

I think there is definitely room for some improvements in this game. Got any other good rules to throw into the mix?! I mean there needs to be a Hitler cup in there somewhere...or if the Nazis lose they have to each take a "shot" of Jagermeister?

Got any other rules to include? Leave your new rules for 'Jews vs. The Nazis' in the comments below. Cheers!

[Via Reddit]