The field has been announced and millions of people are filling out brackets the next couple of days. When the madness really begins on Thursday, Uncle Sam's Saloon in Kennewick is the best spot to be to watch all the action of every game!

I'm not sure on the total number, but it has got to be around three dozen. There are flat screen HD TV's all over in that place! Watch all the games, or just one, as each will be on numerous screens. There isn't a bad seat in the house! I would bet Uncle Sams even has more taps than they have TV's! Wash down some great food with one of the numerous NW microbrews available and watch all the games that your eyes can keep up with.

The first round of games will be Monday and Tuesday and the winners of those games will fill the final four spots in the field of 64. Be sure to get your bracket filled out before the games begin on Thursday! The best bracket wins $250 and a perfect bracket is worth $1,000,000. Yes, that is a million. Enter for free using the 97 Rock Nation!

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