We all have our favorite stores, restaurants, trails, parks, public restrooms, parking stalls, etc. But once and a while we're faced with a conundrum: hosting a visitor, impressing a client, babysitting a nephew -- and suddenly your beloved Tri-Cities is as foreign as Timbuktu. If you need a few suggestions, we've tried to help. Maybe you're wondering if there are great places you haven't tried yet. These are our favorites. Nobody paid us or won a contest to make this list, these are just our hot spots we wanted to share with you.

  • Best Places in Tri-Cities for a Bachelorette Party

    Whether you’re looking for a wild night on the town or just a relaxing time with the ladies, here are our top picks.

  • Best Places to Take Mom on Mother's Day in Tri-Cities

    Mother’s Day is this weekend and whether you’re looking to take mom out to eat with the entire family or just for a couple people, try out these suggestions of local restaurants.

  • Best Places to Meet Singles in Tri-Cities

    Single and ready to mingle? Lame cliche phrase, I know, but when you are ready to go out and find someone to have a good time with, take a shot at some of these spots.

  • Best Cheap Restaurants in Tri-Cities

    The Tri-Cities has a good selection of restaurants spanning all kinds of tastes. The word cheap can sometimes take on a negative connotation, but I’m talking bang for your buck. When I’ve only got a few dollars to spend, these are my favorite places to satisfy my stomach.

  • Best Playgrounds in Tri-Cities

    I love taking the kids to the park. It's great family time and some of my best childhood memories involve playgrounds. Here are our favorite places.

  • Best Coffee in Tri-Cities

    Not everyone can make the best coffee, but it really comes down to preference. What someone says is the best cup of joe says something about their personality. Here are our fave five places to get your java fix in the Tri-Cities.

  • Best Places to Get Dieting Help in Tri-Cities

    You can lose weight faster, healthier and keep it off better using professional help. Here are about 20 businesses that specialize in weight control.

    Keith Ramsey
  • Best Places For An Oil Change

    I hate paying $50 for an oil change but I don't like to do it myself. Plenty of places will do it for under $35, but I'm new to the Tri-Cities and don't know where they are. I asked around and here are my friends' favorite places to go for an affordable standard oil change.

    Flickr, Robert Couse Baker
  • Best Places To Go Sledding

    Probably the best hill for sledding in all of the Tri-Cities is Carmichael Middle School in Richland just off Wellsian Way. Unfortunately, many people know that and the hill is chaos after a good snow. If you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids or grandkids tonight or this weekend, here are our favorite spots.

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  • Best Places to Take Your Dog in Tri-Cities

    There are some great places your dog would like you to take them..they’d go by themselves, but driving is a bit of an issue. One of the most stress relieving and fun activities is taking your dog out to a fun and exciting location. Not just for you, but the dog will love it too!Here are some great places to bond with your pooch, places you might not always think of.

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  • Best French Fries In The Tri-Cities

    Here are our listeners' favorite places in the Tri-Cities to sit down with a plate of French fries.

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  • Best Tri-Cities Tennis Courts With Night Lights

    It’s spring and it’s tennis time. Unfortunately, it’s still getting dark early so our opportunities for playing are limited.Here are the courts in the Tri-Cities with night lights so you can play after dinner. We highly recommend Howard Amon Park in Richland. They have four courts that you can play on. The lights turn off at 9 or 10 PM. Hanford High School has six lit courts for players to use, but the lights aren’t always on.

    Flickr, Brooks Elliott
  • The Best Hiking/Running Trails in the Tri-Cities

    I love the running trail along the Columbia River and Sporthaus in Kennewick suggested a few more hiking or running trails you may not be familiar with for running in the Tri-Cities. Chamna Trail Run – Off of 240 into Richland. The trail is about 5 miles. The riverside of Pasco – You can start at Sacajawea State Park and walk all the way to Chiawana Park without leaving the trail! Benton City – Take the exit south from the stop sign. Go up to B road, there is a pull out trail off of McBee , and it’s a 7 mile loop. Finally, don’t forget the classic Badger Mountain!

    Flickr, fleetham
  • Best Milkshakes in Tri-Cities

    Last week, we asked you your favorite place to get a milkshake in the Tri-Cities and we gave you our top 5. Here are YOUR favorite places to get a milkshake in the Tri-Cities!

    Flickr, David Berkowitz
  • Best Things To Do With a Date in Tri-Cities – Our Top 12

    If you're tired of going to dinner and a movie, Here are a dozen awesome ideas close to home or for a day trips. Most are inexpensive and full of opportunities to get to know the other person or create some chemistry.

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  • Spring Break in Tri-Cities – 10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy

    Here are some fun, family-friendly activities to keep you and your children busy over the break.

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  • Best Fish Bait For Fishing The Mid-Columbia

  • Best Fry Joints in the Tri-Cities

    These places have the best French fries in the Tri-Cities, so check them all out!

    Flickr, Steven Beger