There's no turning back now. Snow is on the ground in Tri-Cities and that inevitably means one thing: cars are going in the ditches. For whatever reason, bad weather brings out even worse driving habits that make life on the road and city streets total hell for everyone. Just because you have a lifted truck doesn't mean you are immune to fish-tailing, so slow down a little so the overcorrection is less severe. To all the people who camp in the passing lane just to go fifteen miles per hour, you should move over.

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Since people are deadset on flipping their car this winter, here are the most popular places in Tri-Cities, Washington to do it.

Highway 240

Folks get into accidents all the time on 240 without the snow so add in a little powdered sugar on the asphalt and you've got yourself a nice little demolition derby. We said we were fun people out here, didn't we?

The Blue Bridge

I know this part will be ignored but next time you wreck on the Blue Bridge, do us all a favor and pull up OVER the bridge and off the road so I don't have to sit in stop-go traffic for your goofy ass.

28th & Lewis

Ah, the intersection from hell. Here are a few fun things about this one. People don't like waiting for you to turn left so they pull up to the side of you, making it harder for everyone. This intersection is also prone to having lights go out, making it a four-way stop some days. That really spices things up.

W. Clearwater Ave

I hate turning left on Clearwater on a normal day so I avoid it during the winter as much as I can.

Road 68

I don't have to explain this one.

George Washington Way

The busiest street in all of Richland is going to have a hell of a time this winter.

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