On average 2.3 million couples get married each year in the U.S. which means there are approximatley 2 million bachelor parties each year. I'll do the math for you and let you know that just under 5,500 bachelor parties happen each day! Damn that's a lot of glitter... 

Here's our list of 5 things to do in the area to celebrate the the final days wth your boy's. 


The Riverside Lounge & Sportsbar - The Riverside Lounge & Sportsbar in Umatilla, OR has the skin to win, at bachelor parties that is. If your looking to let loose, see some last minute skin and show your bachelor a good time, then I have 2 words for you..."ROAD TRIP" 


Nothing like doubling down and hitting it big at the casino. Here's your chance to spend some money and feel like a high roller, and in town we have a few great locations.

Joker's Casino & Sportsbar - Located in Richland it has the best of a few world's. A place to gamble, a place to watch sports in the sportsbar and a place to practice your dance moves. 

Crazy Moose Casino - Located in Pasco the Crazy Moose is known for a few things and gambling is a big one. Multiple poker tables if your into Texas Hold 'em and how about a progressive jackpot that gets to the upwards of $90,000. Nothing like starting off a marriage with some extra cash in your pockets. 

Coyote Bob's Roadhouse Casino - Located on Kennewick Ave. just down from Jackson's Sportsbar Coyote Bob's also has progressive tables where you can score a big win at the tables. Plus from personal experience nothing's better than breakfast at 2am after winning a few hands.  


 A nightclub is a good place to break it down with your boys and mingle with the otherside(women of course). This also gives not only the bachelor a good time but can end up being a better night for his friends. There are a few places in town that give you the opportunity to dance the night away.

Joker's Nightclub - Located in Richland, Joker's is one of the top nightclubs in the area. Your sure to have a good time with the guys's and maybe some of the boy's can hook up and find a date for your big day.

Grizzley Bar - Located inside the Red Lion in Pasco, the Grizzley Bar has been known for it's wild and crazy party's. From Boat race weekend to Mardi Gras it's happening at the Grizz. Plus it's not bad if you can score a room for the night which saves you from having to find a ride home.

Jack Didley's - So yes it's a comedy club but after comedy Jack Didley's clears out the tables and gets hoppin. Being that it's downtown Kennewick there's a ton going on so it's a definite place to begin and end your night.

Finally there's nothing wrong with throwing a big ole rager at the pad. Find a buddy who doesn't care that his carpet smells like urine and grab the boys cause nothing says bachelor party like cheap whiskey, cold beer, some of the best cigars and good friends. 

Here's our list now let us know what you would do for a night out with the boy's. Post your ideas below and let's see how you roll when it comes to celebratin a bachelor party.