I've got one word for you: Catering. I think catering companies are always looking for help this time of year (Mother's Day, high school graduations, weddings). You get to meet a ton of cool people and eat leftover food. And you stay pretty busy but it takes next to no skills. Here's what Reddit had to say:

Caddie at a country club -- tips, great work environment, great networking opportunities.

The gym (preferably one at a college) -- everyone's roughly the same age with the same interests and the women are above average.

Pizza delivery driver -- tips, minimal interaction with coworkers and occasional free pizzas.

Movie theater -- free movies, free popcorn

Life Guard -- not for people with ADD, but if you want a job where you don't actually do anything but sit and hope someone in a bikini walks by, here you go.

Sports stadium -- but only if you get free tickets.

Retail -- this is not a fun job, or a cool job, but it's great experience for later in life. For example, the people skills you learn in retail can be applied to almost any job later. And the money is better than movie theaters and stadiums.

Waiter -- it's kind of like being an entrepreneur. You get out of it what you put into it.

Museum guide -- air conditioning, easy, good references afterward.

Cart attendant at big box store -- minimal interaction with coworkers, enjoy the sunshine. Otherwise this job sucks.

Security -- wear your own clothes and be a polite badass for money.

Water sport rental company (jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, etc.) -- if you don't know why this would be cool you're probably not much fun to hang out with.

IT call center -- you look up the problems on a computer anyway, so you don't really need to know anything, but every time someone asks where you work you sound a helluvalot smarter than your friends.

Summer camp counselor -- you do everything the campers do, only you do it as a role model.

Valet -- only if you really like cars.

Amusement park -- you probably develop a hatred for people in general, but are almost guaranteed to make lifelong friends.

Sell crap on eBay -- if you don't know why this would be cool I don't have time to explain it.

Paid internship -- it's like getting paid to go to school and build a resume.

Cleaning stables -- yes, it's shoveling $#!% all day, but you stay in really good shape and meat A LOT of women of all ages.

College computer lab -- you basically get paid to read or do homework

Nanny -- only if you really like playing with kids.