A trio of recent songs by the Black Keys are the latest additions to ‘Rock Band 3,’ adding three more tracks to the catalog of the more than 2,000 available for the popular Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii video game. 

The Akron-born, Nashville-based garage rock duo has contributed ’Howlin’ for You’ and the Grammy-winning ’Tighten Up’ from their 2010 album ‘Brothers,’ plus ’Lonely Boy’ off their 2011 release ‘El Camino,’ to the popular video game franchise. They are all included on the new ‘The Black Keys Pack 02′ set.

Apparently the game is focused on the Black Keys’ expanded live lineup instead of its original stripped-down guitar-and-drums duo, as all three songs will support keyboard play. In addition, ‘Lonely Boy’ will also offer Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions.

‘The Black Keys Pack 01,’ which came out in 2010, included the tracks ‘I Got Mine’ and ‘Strange Times’ off 2008′s ‘Attack and Release,’ plus ‘Your Touch’ from 2006′s ‘Magic Potion.’ The latter track also was featured on a three-track EP of the same name.

In other recent ‘Rock Band’ game news, Foster the People made their series debut last month when they contributed the cuts ‘Helena Beat’ and ‘Don’t Stop (Color the Walls)’ to the game.

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