Seattle ranks No. 1 as the best city for gamers. Which, when you think about it, really isn't too surprising with the home of Microsoft's main office (PC & Xbox) being a quick 15-minute drive away in Redmond.

WalletHub went through the vigorous task of comparing the 100 largest cities based on 20 different levels of gamer-friendliness. Everything from internet speed, E-sports tournaments to gamer stores per capita. Good timing, too, with E3 2018 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) coming up next week. That tends to be a weeklong Christmas to us geekers.

How do the other cities rank? Check it out below.

Top 20 Cities for Gamers
1 Seattle, WA 11 San Diego, CA
2 Orlando, FL 12 Columbus, OH
3 Atlanta, GA 13 Boston, MA
4 Austin, TX 14 San Francisco, CA
5 New York, NY 15 Portland, OR
6 Irvine, CA 16 Pittsburgh, PA
7 Los Angeles, CA 17 Jersey City, NJ
8 Las Vegas, NV 18 Anaheim, CA
9 Raleigh, NC 19 Madison, WI
10 Fremont, CA 20 San Jose, CA

For the rest of the list of top 100 cities, check out WalletHub's in-depth report!