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Scofflaws Getting More Aggressive -- Video Games to Blame?
Law enforcement shot three men in the last 30 days. This kind of thing used to happen once every couple of years. Now three in a month? KEPR did a great analysis on this, naturally asking if deadly force was necessary. I wonder that myself, but I also ask, why are criminals getting more aggressive?
I Can't Stop Playing This Addicting Game Called 2048
Flappy Bird recently took over most mobile users attention spans, but a new title called 2048 is making it's way to people's touch screens. It's a knock off of a knock off, but the game is perfect for taking up any kind of boring moments you might need to endure in life.
Attendees at MineCon 2013 Set Nerds Back A Decade [VIDEO]
The kids attending this year's annual Minecraft Convention proved that true gamers still exist. You know, those youngsters that are so consumed by their fantasy worlds that they struggle to connect with people in the real world. Now, take a large group of those kids and have them ask questions …
13 Awesome Video Game Ideas
In honor of the release of PS4 and Xbox One, let's talk about cool video games. Who hasn't fantasized about designing their own video game? Here are some really good ideas and my reactions as to whether they're original enough, or compelling enough:
10 Goriest Video Games Ever
Here’s our list of the top 10 goriest games ever to make your stomach turn and to make your parent’s ire rise.
Games are no newcomer to gore. Since their inception, a bit of competition has always been a part of the mix. Pong, for instance, was all about beating your o…
Kaepernick Shaves Eyebrow After Loss to Seattle Seahawks
What was being hyped up as one of the biggest games of the NFL season, definitely lived up to it's name Sunday night. After an hour long delay during the first quarter due to lightning in the area and a tough defensive battle by both teams, the San Francisco 49ers were defeated by the Seattle Seahaw…
Iceman’s Review of Video Game ‘Saints Row IV’
I took the time to rent Saints Row IV for two bucks at Redbox. It was two bucks well spent. I had played Saints Row The Third, and thought I knew I what I was getting myself into. I was wrong. This could very well be the greatest video game ever.
11 Heart-Stopping Video Game Speed Runs
Sometimes you feel like really taking your time with a video game, digging around, finding treasure, leveling up to maximum capacity. Other times you just want to run like hell. These are those times, and if you've ever played any of these games, and you suffer from untreated anxiety, you might…

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