The long wait for the new Black Sabbath disc ‘13’ is almost over, with the release date just a few days away on June 11. There is a prevailing notion that this will mark the last time Black Sabbath release a new album, but according to a new interview with Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler, another Black Sabbath disc is not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

In the interview with Billboard, Butler says he was glad that he, Osbourne and Tony Iommi "were able to come together and do one final album." But then corrected himself, saying, “Well, I guess you should never say never. It could be, though. We'll see how this album goes, see what happens."

In the same interview, Osbourne took the same approach, not ruling anything out. “Let's put it this way; it's taken us 35 years to do this one," laughed Osbourne. "So if there's gonna be (another) album there's gonna be an album but I don't want to say if there's going to be a follow-up. I wouldn't mind doing another Sabbath album with them, though."

As Black Sabbath gear up for their North American tour at the end of July, Butler said fans can expect to hear 3-4 new songs throughout the night. "We'll definitely be doing three or four (per night) on the (North American) tour, I'd say,” said Butler. “It seems so long since we started working on the album; everybody's known for months that the album is coming out, so it's like I can't wait for the bloody thing to come out now. It already seems like an old album to me."

Osbourne said that response to the reunion so far has been great. “I am blown away. I mean, 45 years down the road and we've got a really great album to put out -- talk about icing on the cake!” Osbourne shared. “It's unbelievable."