Black Sabbath have posted yet another in-depth look into the band's upcoming album '13.' Showcasing studio footage, which has never been made available to the public, each member of Sabbath, studio drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine) and producer Rick Rubin have all weighed in regarding their goals for '13,' along with what audiences can expect in comparison to Sabbath's classic works.

With a few new riffs thrown in for good measure, the three-minute exclusive on '13' was posted on Black Sabbath's Facebook page earlier this morning (May 13), which certainly is not a coincidence.

"One of my biggest concerns was I didn't want it to be a follow-up to 'Never Say Die!'" says singer Ozzy Osbourne. "I wanted it to be current, yet still Black Sabbath. In other words, if we had stayed together, then what would we have put out now? … I don't think blues, I don't think jazz, I don't think rock, I just do what I do, you know?"

"I think what we're trying to capture is the vibe from the early days," describes Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. "I think as far as the anger and the youthful feel that we had all those years ago, that we had on the early albums, I think a lot of it is going to be on this album. I don't know much happy stuff, then."

"It's not heavy metal. It's more hard rock, like how we started out," explains bassist Geezer Butler. "At first, we felt a lot of pressure, when we first started, but now that we're hearing the stuff that we're doing come to fruition, it's like a big relief to get it out."

Check out the new Black Sabbath '13' teaser trailer in the video player below!

Black Sabbath - The Sabbath Sound Teaser