There has been another reported sighting of an unexplained object in the sky over Idaho. This latest report happened near the city of Boise.

Idaho has now had its third reported case of an unexplained aerial phenomenon in the month of July to the National UFO Reporting Center. This most recent incident was brought to the attention of the NUFORC on July 21. The report was shared in the center's monthly index on July 23.

The 75-year-old individual who witnessed the object on July 21 claimed to be an ex-Airforce officer. The description of the object in the report was that of a "bright orange sphere," which "pulsated" in the northeast direction of Boise. The duration of the sighting was logged at about 20 seconds.

Last week also was a big one for those in the UFO community as the Pentagon announced its potential willingness to share confirmation of "unearthly" type vehicles in an act of public transparency. The July 21 sighting was the third logged by the NUFORC in July alone.

The individual also stated the object made no noise at all. The lights of the sphere flickered on and off, and the conditions in the sky were clear according to the report. The person who submitted the sighting also said it wasn't any sort of familiar flying object, such as a helicopter.

It was logged in the NUFORC index that alcohol was being consumed by the Boise-area resident at the time the sighting occurred. Another sighting was reported by a nearby Nampa resident on July 1, which was described as a "shiny balloon" looking object.

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