A Boise area farmer, Bernard Saul, who passed off regular seeds for organic to raise the price was sentenced to three years for fraud according to news reports. He bought regular alfalfa seed and then sold it as organic and raised the price by $1.25 more per pound. That price increase allowed Saul to make over $1.9 Million in profit more then he would have selling the seed at the correct market price.

He then spent the money on buying a 2015 Dodge Truck for $36,505; a 2014 polar Kraft boat for $42,553; $20,000 toward a partial payment on a recreational vehicle, and 438 acres of land in Buhl for $1 million. Now Bliss Seeds LLC owner Bernard Saul, has been sentenced to three years of supervised release, forfeit of the $1.9 million extra he made and to pay an additional $7,500 fine.