One of the highlights of this year’s Rock on the Range is the appearance of metal masters Mastodon and Loudwire was lucky enough to catch up with drummer Brann Dailor before their set today (May 20).

Dailor dished on Mastodon’s unexpected collaboration with Feist for Record Store Day, his love for Adult Swim, as well as why Mastodon probably won’t be playing their cult classic ‘Cut You With a Linoleum Knife’ live any time soon.

After slaying Rock on the Range, Mastodon will be heading overseas for a handful of dates with Metallica followed by some festival shows, check out all of their upcoming dates here and read the full interview with Dailor below.

Mastodon just collaborated with Feist on a special Record Store Day release, any other bands you’re thinking about branching off and doing some weird stuff with?

There’s a lot of bands that we’d love to do similar things with but just don’t have the time. I can’t even believe the Feist thing actually happened. As bizarre as it all seems, we’re into a pretty wide variety of music so it made sense to us. It didn’t really make sense to the fans but when they heard it when it came out, I think people were pleasantly surprised hopefully like “Wow that was actually cool.” I feel like we did it right, it was a cool thing to do for Record Store Day, especially since when I was a kid what I did on the weekends with my dad was go to record stores. So anything we can do to help support that and help make sure that those stores stay open and don’t all close down. I like the smell of big rooms filled with old records, it’s some about it.

I heard the band was doing more stuff with ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force.’

We did some voices and stuff when we were available and around. We’re not home that often so it’s hard for us to do anything that’s not Mastodon related. When we were home we were basically recording ‘The Hunter’ and we were doing over-dubs and vocals and stuff like that. Right down the hall they were doing voice overs for that show and Dave is a friend of ours from when we did some stuff with them previously and he just said “Hey you wanna come do some demon voices?” and we were like “Yeah of course!”. Anything we could do to help, to be involved in that Adult Swim world is something that we’re interested in because we are all really big fans of our friends that work for Adult Swim.

I know you  have been on there a few times, doing different projects for them.

Yeah, we’ve done ‘Metalocalypse’ and I did some crazy puppet thing where I was a drummer in space, I had a giant puppet head. They’ll just call you and have the most random, weird ideas for you to come and do and you’re like “Alright cool.”

I love the song you did for the opening for the ‘Aqua Teen’ movie. That was my favorite part of the movie, do you ever play that track live?

No we never really learned it, we wrote it in like five minutes and then went in and recorded it and then sort of forgot about it. Now we’ll see kids with signs that say ‘Linoleum Knife’  and think f— we have to learn how to play that song but I’m playing like an assload of fills and then singing King Diamond on top of it, I don’t know if I could do it. That might be a little out of my reach as far as where my singing and drumming talents go.

That’s got to be tough because you have some pretty complex drum parts.

It’s difficult but I’ve figured it out to this point, it’s all about math, figuring out how to breathe properly and do it right. I’m really bad at math, I shouldn’t even say that I’m doing math because I’ll give people the wrong impression on how stupid I am.

Most of your stuff previous to ‘The Hunter’ was all conceptual, with this one there were more just individual songs. Do you think that’s more the way you’re going to go in the future?

I don’t know, I’m not sure, I kind of like ‘The Hunter’ and the looseness of it. I like the different subject matter that we were able to explore with it, you can get totally weird with a lot of different things. Not that the Rasputin folding space and all that s— wasn’t weird, it was totally bizarre but it locked you into a certain thing and that was good for then, it was perfect for that time. I guess it’s one of this things where we try not to preconceive anything and let time dictate what we’re going to do in the future, let it happen naturally if it does happen. We’ll see but the weirder the better.

Interview by Tree Riddle.