Weird News

NFL Draft: Trey Adams Gave the Best/Worst Answer at Combine
Athletes get a ton of questions. They're expected to answer each one in a professional manner. When players go through the grind that is the NFL draft, the weirdest questions come from the NFL executives.
Questions can range from "what would you choose as a murder weapon...
It Really Sucks Being Corona Beer Right Now
I say no to Corona Extra without a lime. 38% of Americans, however, are saying no to Corona altogether.
That's right. In an age of instantly accessible information, there are people who can't distinguish the coronavirus from Corona beer. Honestly, when I said people would stop drinking Coro…
Let's Smoke Heroin RIGHT IN FRONT OF the Cops!
Thank God for neighborhood watch! This car was pulled over to the side of a residential street. The neighborhood watch was already on edge from previous incidents, so they called up the cops. When the Moses Lake Police Department showed up, they found a man and woman taking a drag on some sweet, swe…

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