A car thief in Chicago decided to play out a scenario that you would normally see in Los Santos, not in real life. A stolen SUV successfully pulled off the first half of a 'hit and run', but failed on the second and most crucial part of that crime - run.

I'm going to fast forward you a bit to the crazy part of this video/story - The video picks up after the stolen black SUV had crashed into a taxi cab. The cabbie got out of his vehicle and stood in the road trying to keep the driver from fleeing the scene, yelling out to the driver and reciting the license plate to others in the area. The car thief tries to squeeze past the cabbie and in between cars to make the not so clean getaway. Eventually, growing more and more frustrated, the cabbie goes to his vehicle and grabs some sort of small bat or club. That is when s**t gets real and the SUV goes haywire, crashing into five other vehicles (including a completely different cab) and causing thousands of dollars in damages in just a matter of moments.

Although the thief may have finally gotten away, it wasn't for long. According to DNAinfo Chicago the driver of the SUV is in custody.

H/T: The Blaze