Now that you can officially stream the full-length version of ‘Live to Rise,’ Soundgarden‘s song on the ‘Avengers’ soundtrack — and first new music in 15 years — you’re probably wondering how it fits into the band’s next album, due sometime this year.

Well, good news if you don’t care for ‘Live to Rise’ (and bad news if you love it): Frontman Chris Cornell says the song doesn’t necessarily reflect where the band’s headed with its new music. Talking to his hometown radio station KISW, Cornell discussed the challenges of cutting a song for a blockbuster soundtrack, saying that ‘Rise’ is “not really what I think of as a necessarily family-friendly song, but it’s as close as we’ve ever come.”

Continued Cornell, “Some of the songs on our new album are pretty far left of center, and sort of zero in on more of a hardcore Soundgarden fan and not necessarily a family that goes to see a film like that.”

And who goes to a film like that? Well, everyone. As Cornell put it: “I think a film like this appeals to little kids all the way to old people because it’s an action film, it’s comic book characters, but it’s also pretty witty dialogue and accomplished actors doing it. So it had to be somewhat open to all of that. But,” he cautioned, “also first and foremost it has to be a Soundgarden song.”