Comcast has announced that they are putting a cap on data usage for all its users including in Washington State. They announced on their website as one of the options for customers data plans. Here is the website description:

"The Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan provides you with 1 TB (1024 GB) of Internet data usage each month as part of your monthly XFINITY Internet service. If you choose to use more than 1 TB in a month, we will automatically add blocks of 50 GB to your account for an additional fee of $10 each. Your charges, however, will not exceed $200 each month, no matter how much you use. And, we're offering you two courtesy months, so you will not be billed the first two times you exceed a terabyte. This data plan is based on a principle of fairness. Those who use more Internet data, pay more. And those who use less Internet data pay less."

Comcast says that 99% of their customers do not use a full terabyte of data and that they will not be affected by the change. I worry myself about this change in the future with 4k streaming, will a terabyte a month be enough? Only time will tell I guess.